Welcome to Freedom Speaks Coalition

 Freedom Speaks is a Constitutional Conservative Coalition of ACTION organizations that believe strongly in the constitution and the freedoms laid out by our founding fathers. 


 We focus predominantly on three key areas:

1. Sanctity of Life - We coordinate and stand strong in defending the rights of the unborn who cannot defend themselves. This is especially important in terms of dismemberment and at-birth abortions

2. Protect PreK-5 From Ravages of LGBTQ-Gender Training -  We are joining forces with many organizations to protect our innocent children from the horrendous affects of having to face gender identity decisions they are not emotionally, mentally or physically capable of making.

3. Protecting, Preserving and Renewing our American Heritage  - We are joining forces with any and all groups pushing to renew America's corroding history, the Constitution, Bill of Rights and true Civics Education in America's middle and high schools, because our children deserve to know why they should be proud of their country. We are helping to lead the fight to prevent the removal of our statues and monuments that depict the very essence of how our nation reached the point we are today, be it good or bad, black or white, from the north or south. We are who we are because of those who came before us, we have a duty to tell their stories.  

4. Infiltration of Radical Islam in all phases of Education and American Government

    a.   There is a huge influx of first generation Muslims running for public office, who's campaigns              are funded by the unindicted co-conspirators of the terrorist organizations Hezbollah and                  Hamas. 

     b.  We will pursue background checks on all candidates for constitutional offices to see if there              is any connection whatsoever to countries or organizations that are hostile to the                              United States. We will make the results of those checks well publicized

     c.  There are 170+ Islamic charter schools in the US, including on military bases, all at taxpayers              expense.  So far they have cost us over 2 billion dollar$$$. 

     d.  Up to 80% of all education materials including textbooks, testing, evaluation, online courses,              etc. are provided by Pearson Education, which is owned by Libya, Saudi Arabia, Q-tar and the              grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Tariq Ramadan. 

          We are mounting a large campaign to have all educational materials be written, published                  and distributed by American based and owned companies.   


Sanctity of Life

Restore, Respect, & Educate America's History

Infiltration of Radical Islam


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This is the Muslim Brotherhood 1991 Settlement Memo for turning America to Islam

Contact us for the complete document!!!

This is the Muslim Brotherhood Creed

“Allah is our objective. The prophet is our exemplar. The Quran is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

The original Muslim Brotherhood Manifesto was written in 1928, and amended in 1991. This is their current and working organizational mandate.

I guess you could say there is a new sheriff in town, and Because We Love America...

  • We will not sit silent while babies are ripped from their mom's womb in the final months and weeks of pregnancy and we certainly will not be still when a baby is born and the doctor waits for the mom to make the decision to "abort" or take the baby home. NO WE WILL NOT!
  • We will vehemently fight against the infiltration of our education system through illegal Islamic Charter Schools and universities controlled by a known terrorist, located in PA, especially those schools located on our own United States Military Bases, (Thank You Sen. Harry Reid). In addition we are supporting President Trump's efforts to keep us all safe from outside forces that mean to do us harm.

Education is Islam's Plan for America

Please listen carefully to all of her words.